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KHABA Apk v1.1 Free Full Android Game


KHABA Apk v1.1 Full Version Free Download Game For Android

Michael is an ambitious explorer looking for a secret treasure . Finds himself trapped in a dark pyramid of Khaba, weak beam of sunlight becomes his only hope .
Through rooms full of puzzles , and should reflect the beam against Michael orbs and dusty mirrors to pass each test . When it opens the passage of stone lit one , is blocking each other , and it becomes all the more room test of patience and reason.
As Michael descends deeper into the pyramid , each puzzle solved also unfold new parts of the story of the troubled . Will be almost as if it was the same test pyramid Michael , optional story about a dead Pharaoh require alternative solutions for each puzzle - but also expose the true nature of Michael 's past.


KHABA Android

KHABA Apk Free Game

KHABA Full Apk

Requirements: Android 2.3 Or Higher

Just Install Apk And Play Game!

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